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Business Name: Keedneon(pty)Ltd

Keedneon is a marketing and promotions company.

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Keedneon is a marketing and promotions company.

How will you use the R100k prize in your business?

To develop a multy functional platform for marketing and promotions in form of a web-based system.

The platform is created to cater for local,small businesses, there will be ratings for services offered by each business. To enhance the competitiveness of the business, we’ll reward the top rated business every 12 months,the ratings will be based on the neatness of the business environment and the services.the ratings will be proof to funders, that the business can survive and can expand to accomodate a larger market. We’ll also host business seminars for businesses registered with the website, to evaluate progress,motivate and share knowledge.

Included on the functions of the website, web surfers will access, comic books,job updates, tendr buletin updates, music and video streaming of which they will also be rated, daily teachings about culture practices and other related activities, and also be able to view the top rated business for every industry appearing in our business page.

For top rated businesses registered with our website, we looking forward to helping them find funds and investors after every award ceremony also musicians included, we looking forward to helping top rated artists get their through in the music industry.

A minimum of 20 sales agents will be employed to introduce the product(website) to local businesses and for every 50 businesses we’ll have 2 admins monitoring their traffuc and ensuring rules are being followe,teach them how it operates. The website is developed to cater nation wide.

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